What is eclipse?

Eclipse is a mobile app that connects customers with independently operating barbers for in-home (office/hotel/etc.) haircuts.

who are the eclipse barbers?

Eclipse barbers are all licensed and verified barbers. Each barber also has a unique bio which outlines individual experience and other relevant info.

how should i prepare for my cut?

Choose a well-lit area with a chair, a nearby outlet, and a surface for the barber’s tools.

How do i pay?

Payment is handled right in the Eclipse app. Simply add a credit card and you will be charged when your cut is complete.

how much does my barber make?

Barbers make 80% of the haircut price + 100% of tips.

How do i schedule a cut?

Once your account is set up, you can enter the address where you’d like to get your cut. Then, select an available barber in your area and pick an open time slot.

Where can i get my haircut?

Anywhere! Well, anywhere that has a chair.

can i cancel or reschedule my cut?

Yes. Please…

How long will my cut take?

Cut duration depends on the individual barber, but usually takes about 30 minutes.

how does tipping work?

Once the cut is complete, you will have an opportunity to leave a tip for your barber. The average tip on Eclipse is ~23%.

who should i contact if there’s a problem?

Our customer service line is available 24/7 at (843) 790-9420, feel free to call or text at any time. You can also reach us by email at contact@eclipsehaircuts.com