COVID-19 Safety Protocol

Policies & Procedures in light of COVID-19

Last Updated 17th May 2020

Please read these procedures in their entirety to ensure a safe and efficient appointment with your barber.

In order to protect both our barbers and customers from the risk of Covid-19, the following procedures will be followed during all Eclipse haircuts.

  • Customers and barbers will be asked to affirm a series of statements ensuring that they are not considered high-risk for previous exposure to Covid-19.
  • Barbers will take the customer’s temperature before each appointment using an infrared thermometer outside the customer’s house.
  • Customers will be responsible for setting up the haircut location. They will be asked to find a safe location away from the kitchen and dining area and can cover the floor below the chair with their own materials if they choose.
  • Barbers will use protective materials including face masks, gloves, and shoe guards. These will be replaced between each appointment.
  • Customers will wear a face mask during appointments. If a customer does not have a face mask, Eclipse will provide barbers with extra face masks to distribute to customers.
  • All tools will be thoroughly sanitized between each appointment.
  • Re-usable materials such as towels and capes will be laundered between each appointment.
  • Barbers will use their personal broom and dustpan to sweep up hair after the appointment. Customers will be responsible for vacuuming and sanitizing the haircut area after the barber departs to reduce potential infectious contact.

The entire Eclipse team thanks you for your cooperation. We understand that things are not perfect right now, but we are confident that we can navigate these challenging times together.

Thank you for using Eclipse!